Families and Parenting

Our goal for families is to partner with parents to foster a lifetime of faith for your kids and teens. We know that every family is different, and we each come with our own sets of strengths and challenges. We hope you will discover at MPPC that there is a place for your family to connect with others who want to nurture a life of faith for their families, regardless of differences in family size, structure, or situation.

Mothers Together
Mothers Together is a community of women on Tuesday mornings at our Menlo Park campus and Thursday mornings at our Mountain View campus seeking to grow in our faith through the development of close friendships, teaching, mission outreach, and prayer.  We strive to be authentic in our relationships with one another and with Jesus, sharing life lessons and supporting each other as we navigate the journey of motherhood together.

Dads/Kids Campouts
The annual Dads/Kids Campout series is a wonderful way to spend time with your kids and enjoy the great outdoors. Reach out and invite colleagues and neighbors to join you. The camps are held at San Mateo County Memorial Park, Wurr Flats.

Good to Great Dads
A fellowship for fathers to explore how Christian faith can shape their family priorities and offer fulfillment and balance in a busy world. We want to build a community of dads, new and "well seasoned," where men share and support each other in their journey as a Christian father.



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