Divorce/Relationship Recovery

Mondays, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Menlo Park Campus, Garden Court

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Free childcare is provided for children 3 mos. - 5th grade upon arrival by 7:40 p.m., Building A, Room 11.

Divorce/Relationship Recovery is a safe place to heal your heart and to find support after experiencing a difficult divorce or the breakup of a significant relationship.

We understand how deeply people and their families are hurt by divorce and relationship breakups. Oftentimes, in addition to dealing with the loss of the relationship, individuals are also faced with changes in friendships, family relationships, and even everyday activities like house cleaning and financial responsibilities. Perhaps most importantly, is a change in how we might view ourselves as unlovable, inadequate, or a failure.

Every Monday evening, small group discussion follows the evening video or speaker presentation. Our video seminar each year during February and March is Henry Cloud presenting “Changes that Heal."  During June and July, we present the highly popular Cloud and Townsend video seminar “Boundaries” and we present their seminar  “Safe People” September - November. In between the video series, our live speakers include psychologists, therapists, and attorneys discussing ways to heal and begin putting your life together again.

Contact: Monte Fisher, 650.888.3215


July 21     Session 8:    "Boundaries and Yardsticks" (with Henry Cloud and John Townsend, video series conclusion)

July 28     "Dealing with Conflict," Monte Fisher
Aug  4      "Character Discernment for Dummies, Part 1," John Townsend
Aug 11     "12 Step Recovery: Paths to Wholeness," Julia and Chris Sullivan
Aug 18     "Resilience Skills for People Like Us," Julia and Chris Sullivan
Aug 25     "Getting Started - Your Next Steps?," Monte Fisher
Sep  1      "Character Discernment for Dummies, Part 2," John Townsend

Series: "Safe People" (Henry Could and John Townsend Video Series)
Sep  8      "Introduction" (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Sep 15     "What is an Unsafe Person?" Chapter 1, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Sep 22     "Personal Traits of Unsafe People" Chapter 2, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Sep 29     "Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People" Chapter 3, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Oct  6      "How Have We Lost Our Safety" Chapter 4, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)

Oct 13      ***"How to Survive the Holidays," Jeannie Spagnolo***

Oct 20    "Do I Have a Safety Deficit" Chapter 5, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
               "Why Do I Choose Unsafe Relationships" Chapter 6, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Oct 27    "False Solutions" Chapter 7, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
               "Why Do I Isolate Myself from People" Chapter 8, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Nov 3      "What Are Safe People?" Chapter 9, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
               "Why Do I Need Safe People?" Chapter 10, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Nov 10    "Where Are the Safe People?" Chapter 11, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
               "Learning How to Be Safe" Chapter 12, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)
Nov 17    "Should I Repair or Replace?" Chapter 13, (Henry Cloud and John Townsend)

-- "Matinee" schedule : videos from Cloud and Townsend for those who arrive at 6pm (prior to our regular program)
July 21    "Playmates for Life"    

Comments from Participants

"I had so many feelings and thoughts that no one understood until I met the people at Divorce/Relationship Recovery. It seemed liked they just automatically understood."

"Divorce/Relationship Recovery helped me get on with my life instead of spending all my time and energy fighting with my ex."

"It blew my mind when I found out that Divorce Recovery was sponsored by a church. I always thought of churches as being critical and condemning, but these people are very accepting and affirming."

"I was embarrassed to go to Divorce Recovery as I had been divorced for six years, however I went out of desperation. My attempts at forging new relationships were disastrous. I discovered that I had never dealt with issues in my life that had led to my divorce."

"Thank you for reminding me that God loves me despite all my failures and inadequacies."

"How can I say 'thank you' for walking with me through the darkest time in my life."